Addiction Expert Talks Drugs and Sex on Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’

David Sack, MD

Ask the rock ’n’ rollers — sex and drugs seem made for each other. But the relationship between sexual activity and drug use is a complicated one, and each has the power to influence the other in profound ways.

David Sack, MD, chief medical officer of Elements Behavioral Health, a nationwide addiction and mental health treatment network, untangles what happens at the intersection of sex and drugs in a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) forum set for July 18, 2016, at 11 am PST. It’s your chance to get educated on two experiences that can either enrich your life if handled wisely or devastate it if not.

Consider drugs like methamphetamine and cocaine, for example. These stimulants increase dopamine activity in the brain, which can spark hypersexuality. While that may sound intriguing, the result can be more risky sex and the problems that come along with it. Other drugs, like alcohol, may boost sexual desire but impede performance — not usually the desired outcome.

And there’s the reality that both drugs and sex activate the brain’s reward pathways, and each can become addictive. (Yes, there is such thing as sex addiction.) When that happens, what was once turned to for the pleasure it offered instead brings only misery. Add an impulsive personality to the mix and any problems are bound to escalate.

Dr. Sack’s AMA will also address general questions. Perhaps you’ve wondered:

  • How does marijuana use affect sex?
  • Why do other people get better looking after a few drinks?
  • Is love a drug?
  • What happens in sex addiction rehab?

Or maybe your drug use or sexual activity is starting to complicate your life but you’re not sure if you really have a problem.

Dr. Sack will draw on his decades as a recognized authority on addiction and mental health to make sense of it all. So get your questions ready and join in.

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