Binge Eating Has Negative Effect on Your Marriage Relationship

There are many different personal factors influencing how we interact in our relationships. They range from personality and cleanliness to financial habits, and eating disorders are definitely no exception to the rule.

New research has been uncovered about how binge eating affects the quality of our marriages. The question posed is, "Are binge eaters as happy in marriages as people who aren’t binge eaters"?

Research suggests female binge eaters are less satisfied with their marriage than other women who are not binge eaters. Researchers studied more than 2,000 women in America and compared data about marital functioning among those with binge eating disorders, other psychiatric illnesses and those people without any mental health problems, according to a recent blog.

The data showed that females with binge eating disorders didn’t have marriages that were as satisfying as compared to both females with psychiatric illnesses and those with no mental disorders. In addition, women with binge eating problems had more negative exchanges, such as a demanding partner and less positive communications when compared to those women with no mental health issues.

Researchers are unclear as to whether the binge eating disorder correlated, caused or was the result of an unhappy marriage. Perhaps there is more conflict and fights in the marriage because of the guilt, secrecy and withdrawal a binge eater has. Or maybe the conflict comes from the daily fights at home and they contribute to the binge eating later on in the evening.

In either case, there’s clearly a correlation between a less happy marriage and binge eating. Authors of the study think it may be helpful to include your partner or spouse in the treatment process if you seek help for your eating disorder.

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