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Elements Behavioral Health Encourages Public to Take the ‘Lock the Cabinet’ Pledge and Prevent Prescription Drug Abuse

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 26, 2011 – LockTheCabinet.com, a campaign sponsored by Elements Behavioral Health that is dedicated to raising awareness about the risks of prescription drug abuse, encourages families to put locks on their medicine cabinets or store prescription and commonly abused over-the-counter medications in a lockbox in honor of National Prescription Drug Take Back Day. The first 20 people to take the “I’ve Locked the Cabinet” pledge will win a free book on recognizing and treating addiction.

The “I’ve Locked the Cabinet” pledge reads, in part, “I will no longer be a source of drugs for my child or any other children. As of today, I have taken the necessary steps to tell my children, my grandchildren, their friends’ parents, and the world that I’m doing my part in protecting our teenagers from the dangers of prescription drug abuse.”

“Parents should know that addiction typically begins in the teen years,” said Dr. David Sack, CEO of Elements Behavioral Health. “Teens are naturally curious, and may succumb to peer pressure. Ease of access to mood-altering drugs is directly correlated with rates of abuse. As parents, we do not want to make it easy by making these drugs readily available in unlocked medicine cabinets.”

To take the pledge, visit the LockTheCabinet Facebook page. After taking the pledge, enter to win a free copy of “The Addiction Primer” by following the link. At LockTheCabinet.com, concerned parents can find information on the dangers of prescription drug abuse, how to properly dispose of medication and how to recognize signs of addiction.

By safely disposing of unused and unwanted prescription medications this Saturday, October 29th, as part of National Prescription Drug Take Back Day, parents remove the temptation to experiment with prescription drugs. By going one step further and signing the pledge, parents send a clear message to everyone who enters their home that prescription drug abuse will not be tolerated.

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