Integrative Nutrition, Healthy Lifestyle Program Launches at Malibu Vista

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Malibu Vista launches an integrative nutrition and healthy lifestyle program created by nationally acclaimed physician, nutrition expert and New York Times best-selling author Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP, as a complement to mental health treatment.

Malibu, CA (PRWEB) April 16, 2014 – As part of its holistic approach to women’s mental health treatment, Malibu Vista recently incorporated an integrative nutrition and healthy lifestyle program into its menu of services. Recognizing that physical health is intricately tied to mental health, Malibu Vista complements its traditional, evidence-based approaches with nutrition education and individualized healthy lifestyle planning.

“We address the lifestyle factors that influence our clients’ recovery and, ultimately, allow them to lead healthy, empowered lives,” said Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP, the physician, nutrition expert and New York Times best-selling author who created Malibu Vista’s integrative nutrition program. “This program is about women changing their relationship with food and learning how to nourish their minds and bodies.”

Malibu Vista’s nutrition program includes:

  • A comprehensive nutrition assessment performed by a culinary nutritionist (registered dietitian who is also a chef), with opportunities to schedule additional follow-up sessions as needed;
  • Nutritious, delicious, satisfying spa cuisine created by a nationally renowned group of culinary nutritionists and prepared by gourmet chefs;
  • Food plans designed to diminish cravings and help redefine and manage clients’ relationship with food;
  • The opportunity to work with Dr. Peeke in individual and group sessions;
  • Cooking classes with gourmet chefs to enhance clients’ appreciation of the role of simple food preparation in supporting their health and wellness; and
  • A customized nutrition and fitness plan to optimize sustainable weight management.

Drawing on recipes from Dr. Peeke’s New York Times best-selling book The Hunger Fix, the chefs at Malibu Vista create menus that delight the taste buds and help clients’ bodies and minds function at their best. Clients enjoy spa cuisine made up of tasty, satisfying, whole foods freshly prepared and customized to their needs, allowing them to transition from refined and processed sugary, fatty and salty foods to filling, delicious and healthier fare without skimping on flavor.

“We take a practical and holistic approach, which means that clients not only learn about nutrition theoretically, but they also have opportunities to apply what they’re learning in day-to-day life,” said Moran Zohman, a master’s level culinary nutritionist and full-time chef at Malibu Vista. “Clients taste the foods we’re talking about, see what a proper portion size looks like, and learn how to prepare nutritious meals for themselves so they can continue their healthy habits at home.”

“This job is about so much more than cooking,” said full-time chef Honey Labrador. “We have the opportunity to inspire women to get out of their comfort zones and go beyond fast or false fixes to develop wellness tools for a lifetime.”

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Malibu Vista is an exclusive residential mental health treatment center for women suffering from trauma, depression, anxiety, relationship and mid-life transition issues, and other psychiatric conditions. Malibu Vista supports women’s recovery in a way that embraces their specific physical, mental, relational and spiritual needs. Clients live in two private, boutique-style residences with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean while receiving individualized care from a team of psychiatrists, psychologists, master’s level therapists, a physician and full-time registered nurses. For more information about Malibu Vista, call (866) 285-9441 or visit

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