Park Bench℠ Group Counseling Launches Specialized Trauma Program

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The Park Bench℠ addiction treatment center in Southeastern New Jersey now offers specialized treatment for trauma, which is often a major contributor to addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders.

Northfield, NJ (PRWEB) September 15, 2015 – Park Bench℠ Group Counseling, an individualized, clinically sophisticated addiction treatment program in New Jersey, has announced the addition of a gender-specific trauma track for partial care (outpatient) clients. The program includes weekly group sessions aimed at exploring childhood and adult trauma, which has been strongly linked to addiction and other mental health disorders.

A highly personalized addiction treatment center, Park Bench℠ provides day treatment/partial care that includes psychiatric evaluation and treatment, individual and group counseling, and life skills training.

The trauma sessions are designed to help clients better understand how trauma influences emotions and thinking patterns and to provide tools for processing and overcoming these patterns. “Many of our clients who suffer from addiction at some point turned to drugs or alcohol in order to cope with traumatic experiences in their lives,” says the program’s Clinical Director Jennifer Maguire, MA, MS, LPC, ACS, CCS. “If we do not address the impact trauma has had on them and teach them how to cope without using drugs or alcohol, then we are missing a huge component of treatment.”

Trauma can take many forms, says Maguire. “The death of a loved one or abuse from childhood are clearly traumatic events, but sometimes trauma is much subtler,” she says. “Trauma is based on the client’s perception of an event, so anything that occurs in a client’s life that they are having trouble emotionally processing can be addressed in therapy.”

The groups are very small, and are led by a therapist with specialized training and experience in the treatment of trauma. “Our clients learn to understand the connection between addiction and trauma,” says Maguire. “We do not rehash the actual event or events. Instead, we address what they are experiencing in their body, and their resulting thoughts, behaviors and feelings.”

The groups also teach meditation and grounding exercises, which provide practical tools for managing intense emotion. Following treatment, clients are given a referral to a trauma-focused individual therapist as part of aftercare planning.

“These groups have been powerfully effective,” says Maguire. “They are providing clients who have been impacted by trauma a safe place to process their experiences, which many of them have never had before. The response has been tremendous.”

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