Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program Serving Clients With Co-Occurring Mental Disorders Opens at Right Step Galleria

June 24, 2014 — Right Step Galleria, an intensive outpatient drug and alcohol treatment facility in Houston, Texas, opens New Leaf, an outpatient program designed to treat not only substance abuse, but also any underlying mental health conditions that a patient might have, such as anxiety, depression and emotional trauma.

Led by a team of four master’s level therapists with more than 80 years of combined experience in addiction treatment, the program offers evidence-based therapies to help clients develop tools for lasting recovery.

“In the substance abuse field, about 50 percent of individuals we see have a mental health issue along with a drug or alcohol problem,” said Linda Snook, director of Right Step Galleria. “We have found that an integrative approach is a more effective way to deal with the issues underlying the addiction.”

Right Step Galleria provides classroom education, group discussion, individual counseling, family therapy and aftercare, all in a structured, supportive setting. The center’s integrative program combines cognitive therapies, motivational enhancement therapy and 12-step strategies designed to help clients address the core issues surrounding their addictions and develop the skills necessary to lead active lives in sobriety.

Right Step Galleria is located at 2400 Augusta Drive, Suite 372, Houston, TX. For more information about Right Step Galleria or to make an appointment, call (713) 785-5800.

About Right Step

Right Step is a network of outpatient and inpatient addiction treatment centers in Texas. Since 1990, Right Step has provided compassionate, comprehensive substance abuse treatment at an exceptional value. In recognition of its high-quality programming, breadth and depth of treatment services, and commitment to personalized care, Right Step has earned full accreditation by the Joint Commission. Today, Right Step is the largest, most trusted private chemical dependency treatment provider in the Southwest. For more information about Right Step, call (855) 893-5987 or visit rightstep.com.

Right Step is part of Elements Behavioral Health, a family of behavioral health care programs that also includes Promises Treatment Centers, The Ranch, The Sexual Recovery Institute, The Recovery Place, Journey Healing Center, The Sundance Center and Clarity Way. Elements offers comprehensive, innovative treatment for substance abuse, sexual addiction, trauma, eating disorders and other mental health disorders. We are committed to delivering clinically sophisticated treatment that promotes permanent lifestyle change, not only for the patient, but the entire family system. For more information about Elements Behavioral Health, visit elementsbehavioralhealth.com.

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