Sexting: Not Just Teenage Fun

There is much to be said about the life of a teenager. These individuals are still growing, changing and noticing that the world around them seems very different than it did when they were younger.

This is also the time in life for many that they explore unchartered territory. Their bodies are drastically changing and the discovery of sexual feelings and desires can at times cause some of the young people to act. When a cell phone is involved, sexting can result and a debate has begun – is this pornography or just teens having fun?

This was the question posed in a Capitol Hill Blue report. Teens are rapidly engaging in sexting, or the practice of sending sexually-suggestive messages or nude photos to others using a cell phone. It seems innocent, but teens are actually finding themselves in trouble.

Three Pennsylvania girls and three boys were featured in a report. The girls were 14-15 years of age; the boys were aged 16-17. All of the youth were charged with dissemination and possession of child pornography. The cause of their charges: the girls had sent nude or semi-nude photos to the students’ cell phones.

A 17-year-old student in the Ja Joya School District in Texas was charged with the same thing after he sexted a nude photo of a 16-year-old female classmate to a friend.

Now, because of their sexting activities, all of these kids will be labeled as sex offenders for the rest of their lives. National databases available on the Internet will feature their name and their crime – pure teenage fun just turned serious.


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