Facts about Oxycontin

Oxycontin is a narcotic pain reliever that is only available with a prescription. In recent years, this drug has become a commonly abused one because of the effects that it produces within the human body. These effects are similar to those that are generated through the use of heroin.

Oxycontin is designed to be a controlled-release drug, which means that the pills must be swallowed whole in order for the drug to be gradually released into the system. Abusers of Oxycontin have found other ways to ingest the drug so that they can achieve stronger, faster results. The methods by which abusers do this are:

•    Dissolving the pills in water and then injecting them
•    Crushing the pills and then snorting them
•    Chewing the pills instead of swallowing them

Oxycontin seems to be growing in popularity with high school students and in some cases children as young as 12 have reportedly used the drug.

It is important to realize just how addictive Oxycontin is before you even consider taking it. For people who are prescribed this medication by a doctor, a high risk exists for dependence to develop simply because the body develops a tolerance for the drug at a rapid rate. What this means is that over a period of continued use, the body will need higher doses in order to feel any effects of the drug. If your doctor has to increase your dosage, you are far more likely to become dependent on Oxycontin.

For those who do not have a prescription and choose to use the drug illegally, the risks are even greater. Those who have never taken Oxycontin and are not used to it are at a great risk of suffering serious respiratory problems that can lead to death.

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