Dialectical Behavior Therapy

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Self-acceptance and living in the moment are not a hindrance to the quest for self-improvement. In fact, they are the seeds from which good health, personal growth and achievement will sprout. This is the vital insight behind dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), a solution-oriented form of psychological counseling.

How DBT Works

Originally created for the treatment of borderline personality disorder, dialectical behavior therapy has proven to be a powerful tool in the hands of therapists working with men and women suffering from depression, PTSD, eating disorders and substance abuse problems, among a wide range of mental health conditions.

In DBT sessions, clients work to develop four types of skills:

  • Mindfulness: DBT teaches the art of thinking, acting and being in the moment, unburdened by history or expectations for the future. Clients learn to be in the here and now without judgment, observing feelings and urges without needing to “fix” them.
  • Distress tolerance: With DBT, clients learn to handle emotional pain, frustration and disappointment without falling apart or surrendering to destructive coping mechanisms.
  • Interpersonal effectiveness: As they strive for empowerment, clients learn how to identify and ask for what they truly want and need.
  • Emotional regulation: DBT is designed to help clients take charge of their emotional lives, so they will no longer be controlled by difficult or painful feelings.

DBT can be incorporated into individual therapy or group sessions.

The Healing Power of DBT

As a specialized form of cognitive behavioral therapy, DBT lifts the barriers that prevent men and women from achieving health, happiness and freedom. Through DBT, those suffering from mental health disorders can learn how to accept who they are as a prologue to profound personal change.

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