Individual Therapy

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Individual therapy usually refers to the traditional practice of psychotherapy, although any therapy approaches that are conducted one-on-one could also be described as individual therapy.

What Does Individual Therapy Accomplish?

When you begin individual therapy, your therapist will find out what you’d like to accomplish during the therapy sessions and set clear goals. Individual therapy has many benefits, including:

  • Better communication skills
  • Enhanced social skills
  • Improved mood regulation
  • Better ability to manage anger, stress and other emotions

Individual therapy can be helpful in recovery from addiction, emotional trauma/post-traumatic stress disorder, codependency, grief or loss, depression and anxiety. In fact, virtually any behavioral health concern can be addressed in individual therapy.

In a one-on-one setting, your therapist can really get to know you and your life experiences. Your therapist will be able to devote all of his or her attention to you during your session, and will collaborate with you to develop a roadmap for recovery or improved mental health.

How Often Do I Have to Attend Individual Therapy?

Individual therapy is a tailor-made to fit your needs. How often you attend will be a decision you make along with your therapist. Once a week is a common schedule. However, you or your therapist may find it useful for you to check in more often to go over challenges or to review “homework.”

It also makes sense to increase the frequency of your visits depending on the other events happening in your life. If you’re in crisis, you might attend individual therapy two or more times a week until you’re safely through the crisis.

Individual Therapy Is All About You

Individual therapy is highly flexible. If you want to focus on a new goal, all you have to do is express that desire to your therapist. Your therapist will be there to guide you and help you make informed decisions, but your concerns are the primary motivation for each session. Often, people will benefit from participating in group therapies in addition to individual sessions.

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