Promises New Jersey

Promises New Jersey is a highly personalized addiction treatment center located minutes from the beautiful Jersey Shore, in Southeastern New Jersey. The center offers day treatment/partial care and intensive outpatient treatment for men and women struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and co-occurring disorders.

Comprehensive Treatment Programs

Therapists at Promises New Jersey have advanced, specialized experience in addiction treatment. Therapies are evidence-based and tailored to the needs of each client. The center provides treatment at various stages of recovery as well as specialized services, including:

  • Psychiatric Evaluation – assessment, testing and diagnosis of addictive and psychiatric disorders
  • Day Treatment/Partial Care – medical management, intensive individual and group counseling, life skills training and family counseling
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment– skilled clinicians use evidence-based therapies, along with integrative therapies; flexible scheduling with evening sessions available
  • Opiate Addiction Track – a specialized program for people recovering from opioid addiction that addresses the unique treatment needs of this client population.
  • Relapse Prevention – counseling, assistance in accessing community resources, and medical management.

Promises New Jersey was founded on the belief that everyone deserves affordable quality care and that recovery happens in stages. The treatment center is known for its experienced, caring staff, thoughtful application of evidence-based therapies, and its high staff-to-client ratio.


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