Young Adult Rehab

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Young adulthood can be a difficult and confusing time. Some young people experiment with drugs and alcohol as a passing phase, while others get derailed. During these formative years, substance abuse can prevent the development of essential life skills, complicating young adults’ ability to successfully transition into the next stage of life.

Our world-class drug rehabilitation programs for young adults provide a comprehensive, multidisciplinary experience and allow young adults and their families to heal. Some of the young adults we treat are rebellious, angry and impulsive, and act out in potentially dangerous ways. Many have been using drugs and alcohol to mask and avoid dealing with painful feelings.

Our structured young adult rehabs, rooted in the 12 Steps, help those seeking to recover from addiction to safely and effectively focus on these issues and also learn the coping and life skills needed for long-term recovery.

Young adults in our treatment programs will:

  • Receive a comprehensive assessment and personalized treatment plan
  • Have numerous opportunities to integrate “real-world” experience into their drug treatment through activities and local outings
  • Receive comprehensive addiction treatment delivered by a team of credentialed, highly experienced professionals, many of whom are in recovery themselves
  • Participate in individual, group and family therapy
  • Attend psychoeducational groups
  • Explore various traditional and experiential therapies

Whether young adults require residential treatment, outpatient care or sober living, our young adult rehabs provide cutting-edge treatment and specialized care tailored to their particular needs to help them make a successful, sober transition into adulthood.

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Have questions about our programs? Call 844-875-5609

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