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Individuals and families struggling with addiction or mental illness need support, compassion and expert guidance. More than anything, you need treatment that is effective. Thanks to a growing body of research, we know the types of treatment that work. In our network of treatment programs, we incorporate both the well-established and emerging elements of effective treatment, giving you all of the tools you need to succeed.

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We treat all forms of addiction as well as mental health conditions that often fuel addictions and other self-defeating behaviors such as anxiety, depression and emotional trauma.

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We have treatment centers across the U.S., from quiet, luxurious retreats in restorative country settings to real-world facilities tailored to busy urbanites and their families.

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Our programs are carefully designed to meet our clients’ diverse needs. If you’re struggling with addiction or a mental health disorder, we have a solution for you.

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Clarity Way ‘Steps Up to the Plate’ to Support Recovery Day

Under a beautiful blue sky in the crisp pre-autumn air, people in jeans and T-shirts with messages such as, “One day at a time,” “A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step,” or the name of the local baseball team, the York Revolution, blended in with the more formally dressed. Young folks sporting piercings and tattoos mingled with white-haired elders. Read More

Elements Experts in the Media

Many of our staff are published authors and go-to experts quoted regularly in the national media. When you come to an Elements program, you benefit from the expertise of some of the most well-respected names in addiction treatment. Learn more about our experts.

Psychology Today, Good Morning America, THe Huffington Post, OWN Psychology Today, Good Morning America, THe Huffington Post, OWN

When Addiction and Mental Disorders Are Linked, Treatment Should Be Too

Substance abuse treatment centers are increasingly turning to a whole person treatment strategy. Instead of treating the patient only for the addiction they reported when admitted, the treatment center may screen for various other types of problems, including additional substance abuse and mental health symptoms.

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More Sensible Sentencing for Drug Offenders

When it comes to sentencing drug offenders, research indicates that addiction treatment is often a better option than jail time, both in effectiveness and cost. But is court-ordered treatment and forced rehab the answer?

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The Links Between Aging and Depression

During the senior years, some changes – from wrinkles to gray hair – are completely normal. But depression isn’t one of them. In fact, by some measures fewer seniors are struggling with depression than younger adults. According to a 2010 analysis by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people ages 65 and older were less likely to report any degree of depression than teenagers and young adults. Also, fewer seniors had major depression than the young adults.

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The Importance of Support Systems to Those with Bipolar

Clarity Way Addiction Treatment Center Welcomes Dr. Jonathan Beatty as Staff Psychiatrist


New National Drug Control Strategy Puts Emphasis on Treatment

Take Time to Talk About Suicide

Take Time to Talk About Suicide


Understanding Vascular Neurocognitive Disorder


Heavy Drinking Increases Risks for Dementia

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