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Individuals and families struggling with addiction or mental illness need support, compassion and expert guidance. More than anything, you need treatment that is effective. Thanks to a growing body of research, we know the types of treatment that work. In our network of treatment programs, we incorporate both the well-established and emerging elements of effective treatment, giving you all of the tools you need to succeed.

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Will Robin Williams’ Tragic Death Save the Lives of Others?

Will Robin Williams' Tragic Death Save the Lives of Others?

By Nancy Wride

The late Oscar-winning actor and comedian Robin Williams was among the most effective public figures at de-stigmatizing mental illness and addiction by baring his own lifelong struggles with both. Williams, whose confessional brand of stand-up comedy was a form of “sharing his story” by coating anguish with humor, was found dead at his home Aug. 11 of a suspected suicide.

“His openness with his addiction has helped a lot of people in recovery,” said Dr. David Sack, CEO at Elements Behavioral Health who for decades has treated people suffering from mental illness. “We can hope that the tragic death of Robin Williams will do for depression awareness what the death of Rock Hudson did for AIDS awareness.” Read More

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Victoria Delheimer

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