Drug Rehab

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A drug rehab is a treatment program for addiction. The term drug rehab refers to any type of treatment for addiction to alcohol, prescription drugs, cocaine and other drugs.

Types of Drug Rehab

There are many types of drug rehab, from luxury drug rehab centers that overlook the ocean to small facilities located in cities or suburban neighborhoods. Some drug rehabs have a more home-like setting, such as Promises Malibu, which is on an estate with a number of large family homes; others have a more institutional setting, such as those set in hospitals or larger facilities that house 100 or more clients at a time.

The type of drug rehab you choose depends on what you believe will best work for you. Some people do better in the home-like setting where client numbers are kept small (24 or fewer at a time); some people prefer a peaceful location such as The Ranch, an authentic ranch setting in the rolling hills of Tennessee or Promises Austin, a high-end drug rehab in Hill Country just outside Austin, Texas.

What to Expect in Drug Rehab

The primary goals of drug rehab are to help the addicted person detox from drugs and alcohol, identify the underlying issues that may influence drug or alcohol use, and develop a plan for recovery. The particular therapies used in drug rehab vary, depending on the underlying issues the addicted person has.

The best drug rehabs continually update their treatment program when promising findings indicate a treatment method is showing success. These evidence-based treatment programs do not follow fads; they follow the science and evidence. They continually analyze the effectiveness of their treatment program to ensure each client has the best opportunity of success.

Making the decision to go to drug rehab can be daunting. Many people resist the idea of leaving home for 30 days. The best response to this fear is this: you are not really “home” when you are abusing drugs. Your life is controlled by the addiction, so you can never fully be there for friends, family or co-workers. It is only a matter of time before the excuses run out and the consequences of alcohol and drug abuse overwhelm your efforts to appear “normal.”

For the addict, drugs and alcohol have become their best friend, but also their worst enemy. The physical addiction means they firmly believe they must have these substances to live. The goal of drug rehab is to show them that is not the case. They can be freed from drugs and alcohol and live an extraordinary life.

Elements offers drug rehab centers throughout the U.S. in a wide range of scenic, restorative and convenient settings. We recognize that people are unique, each with their own needs in treatment and in recovery. That’s why we’ve developed specialized programs and employ experts who are committed to individualized, evidence-based addiction treatment.

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