There’s Hope for Your Loved One

We understand the fear and heartbreak you’re feeling right now, and we want you to know that there’s still hope for your loved one. We’ve helped thousands of people recover from substance abuse and mental health disorders. We know the power of recovery, and we can help your family come together again.

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How We’ll Help

Our treatment teams are made up of compassionate, experienced clinicians who use evidence-based therapies shown to be effective in treating people with addictions and mental health disorders. These approaches don’t just help your loved one eliminate substance abuse and other destructive behaviors, they get to the reasons behind their unhealthy coping methods. We’ll help your loved one address underlying traumas and mental health issues and develop healthier coping skills so they’ll feel less propelled to self-medicate.

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You’re Important to Their Recovery

You can make a difference. Studies show that families play a critical role in their loved one’s successful recovery from mental health issues and addiction. These challenges have likely damaged your relationship with your loved one, but participating in their treatment and recovery can be powerfully healing for both of you. Clients often interpret their family’s willingness to participate in treatment as a sign that there’s hope for them, that they aren’t “all bad.” Your involvement in treatment provides an opportunity for open, honest communication and a chance for everyone to heal together.

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Your Loved One’s Treatment Experience

Your loved one is in good hands at our nationally accredited addiction and mental health treatment centers. They’ll receive compassionate care from our specially trained staff, many of whom are also in recovery. Your loved one will live in a comfortable home away from home with peers sharing similar struggles. Days are filled with activities like individual and group therapy, fitness, and real-world opportunities to put recovery skills into practice. They’ll eat well-balanced meals and develop healthy routines, and many of our facilities have extra touches like sports courts, pools and massages to keep them engaged in treatment.

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