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We delve under the surface into the complex issues that contribute to addictive and self-defeating patterns. Whether you’re struggling with emotional trauma, grief or loss, addiction, depression or anxiety, eating disorders or intimacy disorders, we have a highly effective treatment program that addresses everything that stands between you and lifelong recovery.

12-Step Alternative

While the 12-Step approach is widely known and utilized in addiction treatment programs, there are highly effective alternatives for people who prefer a different approach. Twelve-Step recovery is only one of several validated treatments for alcohol and drug addiction. Learn More

Addiction Treatment

Elements Behavioral Health is a premier provider of evidence-based addiction treatment. Our programs address not only the addiction, but also underlying issues that may have precipitated or reinforced drug abuse. Elements has the distinction of being led by board-certified addiction psychiatrist Dr. David Sack, who ensures our treatment programs provide exceptional care. Learn More

Alcohol and Drug Detox

Detox is the first step in recovery. Our alcohol and drug detox services combine exceptional medical care and evidence-based medications and approaches with a comforting, welcoming setting and treatment that considers physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Clients don’t merely eliminate substances from their bodies, they begin uncovering the issues that underlie addiction and develop a strong foundation for the next phase of recovery. Learn More

Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol may be more socially acceptable than street drugs, but it is still a drug. Study after study shows the harmful effects of alcohol abuse, including liver disease, brain shrinkage, high blood pressure and certain cancers. Going to alcohol rehab at the first signs of a problem and staying sober can protect the brain and body against potentially permanent damage. Learn More

Christian Drug Rehab

At the intersection of faith and recovery is Christian drug rehab. Our Christian addiction program combines traditional substance abuse treatment with Christian-centered therapy, regular church attendance and Bible study. In fellowship with other Christians, you can learn the skills for lasting recovery while healing the emotional, physical and spiritual wounds left by drug abuse. Learn More

Compulsive Gambling

Compulsive gambling affects about 5 percent of the population, or around 15 million people. If we include those who are at the threshold between problem gambling and gambling addiction, that percent may increase to as much as 30 percent of the population, or up to 40 million people. Learn More

Drug Rehab

From our authentic ranch setting near Nashville to our luxury rehab in Malibu, Elements’ family of drug rehab centers offers sophisticated treatment in some of the country’s most inspiring locations. Under the care of leading addiction and mental health experts, clients benefit from tailored treatment plans and an ideal blend of traditional and holistic therapies that honor each individual’s needs and goals. Learn More

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Although many addiction programs claim to provide dual diagnosis treatment, rarely is this service integrated into the treatment plan from the beginning. An exceptional program will develop personalized treatment plans that address all underlying issues fueling an addiction, such as anxiety, depression or trauma. Dual diagnosis treatment must be a primary part of the approach to recovery, not simply an ancillary treatment option. Learn More

Eating Disorder Treatment

We have developed a unique eating disorder treatment program for those who need therapeutic and clinical support but do not need to be in a hospital. In a beautiful home surrounded by an authentic ranch setting, equine therapy is just one of the powerful methods we use to help our clients with bulimia, anorexia or binge eating disorder. Learn More

First Responders Trauma Workshop

Police officers, military, firefighters and others in the line of danger often experience life-altering physical and mental distress from the aftermath of trauma. Our six-day First Responders Trauma Workshop helps clients address the impact of exposure to danger, conflict, stress and tragedy and develop healthy coping skills to apply in their lives and profession. Learn More

Mood & Personality Disorders

Depression, anxiety and personality disorders can seriously disrupt your life and undermine your ability to be happy and productive. We address these issues in some of the most dynamic and healing environments possible such as in the hills of Malibu overlooking the Pacific Ocean or in an authentic ranch setting where nature, wildlife and horses are all part of the healing process. Learn More

Professionals Addiction Treatment

We provide specialized treatment for doctors, attorneys and other professionals struggling with substance use and mental health disorders. From three-day assessments to inpatient drug rehab for professionals, clients have a range of options to meet their needs. Our professionals programs offer an exceptional level of one-on-one counseling, small client populations, evidence-based therapies and profession-specific programming. Learn More

Sexual Addiction Treatment

Sex addiction can take many forms – online infidelity, seeking out prostitutes, pornography addiction – but the underlying issues are the same. People suffering from sexual addiction can’t or don’t know how to get their emotional needs met in healthier ways. In addition, the Internet has made it that much easier for those with compulsive sexual behavior to seek out destructive ways to satisfy their compulsion. Learn More

Trauma & PTSD Treatment

Those who experience a life-changing, traumatic event and do not get the psychological support they need can suffer from years of depression, anxiety, hopelessness and compulsive behaviors. PTSD impacts your emotional, psychological and physical health. We create a warm, nurturing environment where trauma survivors can feel safe as they work through their emotions and experiences. Learn More

Young Adult Rehab

Young adulthood can be a difficult and confusing time. Some young people experiment with drugs and alcohol as a passing phase, while others get derailed by it. Learn More

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