Halloween Trauma Triggers

Beware of Trauma Triggers This Halloween

For many, Halloween is a harmless holiday honored with jack-o-lanterns, trick-or-treating, costume parties, decorations and good-natured fright. For trauma survivors, this fall tradition can present a perpetual minefield of trauma triggers at every ghoulish turn. Read on to learn more about overt and covert trauma, Halloween trauma triggers and advice from a trauma expert on ways to alleviate trauma triggers this season.
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Dr. David Sack on The Doctors

Addiction Expert Explores Dangers of Dabbing on ‘The Doctors’

It’s a growing trend, distilling the oils in marijuana plants into a concentrate that offers a more potent high. But while this may seem appealing to those who like weed, it comes with dangers, explained addiction expert David Sack, MD, in an appearance on the Emmy-winning medical talk show “The Doctors.”
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Teen Porn Addiction

Teens Much Less Likely to View Porn if Parents Express Negative Views on Use

Parents who are critical of pornography can potentially decrease their teen children’s involvement in pornography consumption during early adulthood, according to recent findings from an American research team.
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Mental Illness Awareness Week 2016

Famous Faces Help Change How We See Mental Illness

For far too long, mental illness was talked of in hushed tones, when it was talked of at all, leading to ignorance, fear and stigma. Today, slowly, that’s starting to change, and part of the credit goes to an increasing number of celebrities who are sharing the stories of their mental health challenges.
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David Sack, Addiction Expert

Addiction Expert’s Reddit Q&A Schools Visitors About College Drugs

For many young people, college means finding themselves in a new environment, freed from parental oversight, making their own decisions, and struggling to keep up academically and fit in socially. It’s pretty much a recipe for alcohol and drug use.
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Employee Assistance Programsand Mental Health

7 Facts About Substance Abuse Every EAP Professional Should Know

Employee assistance programs (EAPs) have the potential to be powerful ammunition on the frontlines of addiction and mental health issues in the workforce. As more companies begin to rely on EAPs to help alleviate barriers to timely, affordable behavioral healthcare services, it’s important that EAP professionals are up to speed on some key facts about substance abuse.
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Abby Wambach, Sober

Soccer Legend Wambach Scores New Goal — Sobriety

On the soccer field, she may have seemed superhuman. But in her personal life, she was anything but, says Abby Wambach, the world’s leading scorer in international goals.

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College Campus Drug Scene

Need to Get Educated About the Campus Drug Scene? Addiction Expert Says ‘Ask Me Anything’

Movies and TV portray alcohol and drug use as synonymous with college. Little wonder then that incoming students often expect (and their parents fear) that their educational experience will be one big party.
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Substance Abuse at Work

5 Substance Abuse Facts Every HR Professional Should Know

Drug and alcohol problems cannot easily be ignored by human resource managers. Seventy percent of the estimated 14.8 million Americans who use illegal drugs are employed, and federal surveys indicate that around 24% of workers admit to drinking at work at least once in the past year.
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September National Recovery Month

Addiction Recovery’s Most Unexpected Rewards

For many, September’s National Recovery Month is personal, a time to reflect on life then as compared to life now and celebrate how far they’ve come.
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Mountain Sunset

Nurture Yourself With Nature

April 22nd was the official celebration of a holiday we should honor all year long: Earth Day began in 1970, when Wisconsin Sen. Gaylord Nelson decided to try to direct the enthusiasm of the protest movements of the era toward concrete change in the face of growing alarm about environmental concerns. Read More

Drugs and Social Media

Twitter Asked #ReasonsWhyINeedDrugs — What’s Your Answer?

It’s one of those spontaneous Twitter hashtags that pops up and immediately starts to trend — #ReasonsWhyINeedDrugs. The expected jokes and tributes to getting wasted are there. But there’s also plenty to remind readers that drug use so often grows out of mental and physical health issues.
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