Anxious Teen Stressed at School

Anxiety in High School

Some anxiety is normal and healthy. A normal dose of worry or anxiety can help us to deal with stressful situations, like studying for an exam. Some individuals find it more difficult to face such scenarios and become consumed by them.
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Posted on February 16, 2017
The Ranch TN

The Ranch Treatment Center Welcomes Esteemed Medical Director

Paul Wilhelm Ragan, MD, an award-winning addiction psychiatrist, joins The Ranch treatment center in Tennessee as medical director. 
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Posted on February 7, 2017
MHN Rehab Insurance

Several Elements Behavioral Health Facilities Now Contracted With MHN Insurance

Clients at four Elements Behavioral Health addiction treatment centers may now be able to apply their MHN health insurance benefits to the cost of treatment.
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Posted on February 2, 2017
First Responders and Trauma

Helping First Responders Cope with Trauma

By Katy Parker, PsyD

First responders frequently suffer a traumatic injury. Whether from a single event or the cumulative impact of several events over time, most first responders don’t realize or recognize the impact.
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Posted on January 25, 2017
Food Addiction vs. Over Eating

Am I Dieting Failure or a Food Addict?

Everyone overeats at some point. It could be an extra helping at dinner or sampling every dessert at a wedding or eating for comfort after a tough day. Others set a New Year’s resolution to lose weight but they start, stop and never really let a new eating program take hold. All of these behaviors fall within the realm of “normal.”
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Posted on January 12, 2017
Depressed High School Student

Depression in High School

Are you struggling with how to help a depressed friend? If so, you are not alone. Depression affects more than 3 million teenagers each year, and most of them have friends like you who are trying to find ways to help.
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Posted on January 9, 2017
High School OCD

OCD in High School

By Elliott Redwine

“Oh, I’m so OCD.”
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Posted on December 29, 2016
Young Teen Porn Addiction

Pornography Addiction a Growing Concern for Young Teens

Many people are uncomfortable talking about pornography use and addiction in general, let alone as a problem that affects young teenagers and pre-teens. Unfortunately, regular pornography exposure is a real concern for adolescents and may put young people at risk for delinquent behavior and even teen porn addiction.
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Posted on December 23, 2016
John Oliver's Stance on Opioids

John Oliver Turns His Outrage on the Opioid Epidemic

With his trademark blend of humor, brutal truth and outrage, John Oliver educated America about its deadly opioid epidemic on his HBO show Last Week Tonight, laying much of the blame for its origin at the feet of the pharmaceutical industry.
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Posted on December 19, 2016
Promises Scottsdale AZ

Esteemed Addiction Psychiatrist Joins Promises® Scottsdale Treatment Center

Steven Karp, DO, FACN, a triple board certified osteopathic physician in adult, addiction, and geriatric psychiatry, joins Promises® Scottsdale as medical director.
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Posted on December 12, 2016
Promises West Los Angeles

Promises® Young Adult Drug Rehab Center Welcomes New Program Director

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) Nov. 30, 2016 – Promises® Young Adult treatment center in West Los Angeles named Frank Sanchez, PhD, LMFT, as its program director. Dr. Sanchez has extensive experience working with adolescents and adults struggling with substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health issues.

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Posted on December 6, 2016
glass full of alcohol

If You Have an Employee With a Substance Use Disorder, You Could Be Their Lifeline

When the holiday season arrives, workplace parties are a common form of celebration. Some amount of alcohol consumption is expected during these events, and most who attend will drink responsibly and in moderation.

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Posted on November 23, 2016
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