12-Step Alternatives

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Looking for a different approach to drug and alcohol rehab, one that isn’t rooted in the 12 steps? Most people who look at recovery options are familiar with the 12-step approach and many find that this works well for them. Not everyone, however, feels that traditional 12-step programs are right for their particular needs. You may be one of them.

Did you know that there are alternatives to 12-step programs that can be just as effective in helping you heal from drug and alcohol addiction? At certain Elements Behavioral Health treatment centers nationwide, we offer non-12-step approaches such as SMART Recovery® and Refuge Recovery, so that clients have choices in the way they recover from addiction.

SMART Recovery®

With SMART Recovery®, you learn how to be self-reliant and self-empowered. It sounds simple and straightforward, and it is. Through supportive and educational meetings, and through the use of evidence-based psychological treatments and medications, you can heal from drug and alcohol addiction using this non-12-step approach.

SMART Recovery® follows a 4-Point Program that includes:
1) Building and maintaining motivation
2) Coping with urges
3) Managing thoughts, feelings and behaviors
4) Living a balanced life

Refuge Recovery

Based on Buddhist teachings, the Refuge Recovery program is a systematic practice and process designed to free people from the suffering caused by craving characteristic of addictions of all kinds. Core tenets of Refuge Recovery include compassion and meditation. Participants learn about the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path as they pursue well-being and freedom.

Helping You Find Your Way

When you decide to get help, it’s important to find the drug and alcohol rehab center that will work with you to find the best approach for your needs. Many will choose the traditional 12-step approach; others will opt for SMART Recovery or another 12-step alternative.

At Elements Behavioral Health, we embrace all paths – as long as they lead to lasting recovery.

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