Drug Rehab for Professionals

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At Elements Behavioral Health we understand that addicted professionals have specific treatment needs and may require a certain level of discretion and comfort. That’s why several of our treatment centers offer separate groups and/or residences to help professionals address substance abuse, mental health issues and trauma in an environment that best supports their recovery.

Treatment Programs for Professionals

In a given year, almost 10% of full-time employees struggle with substance use disorders, according to research from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Licensed professionals, executives, physicians, dentists, pilots, health care providers, attorneys and others along demanding career paths are frequently affected by addiction and mental health issues. To address the need for addiction and dual diagnosis treatment for professionals, Elements Behavioral Health offers a range of treatment options, from assessments and medical detox to residential drug and alcohol rehab for professionals.

Evaluations and Assessments for Professionals

The Ranch treatment center in Mississippi offers a five-day assessment program for professionals to determine if they have a substance use disorder and make recommendations for treatment if needed. This program is appropriate for employee assessments, state monitoring programs, and Caduceus and Advocacy groups. Clients reside in a home-like setting and meet with medical and behavioral staff. They may also attend regular drug rehab programming as desired.

Inpatient Drug Rehab for Professionals

We offer several inpatient drug rehabs that are ideally suited to licensed, executive and career professionals reaching across all industries. Some of our drug rehab centers offer separate residences and more intensive programming for professionals, executives, high-profile clients and people desiring more amenities and privacy. A comfortable, home-like setting helps clients focus on healing rather than what might be lacking in their environment. This type of living situation also gives clients an opportunity to make supportive connections with peers sharing similar struggles.

If substance abuse is endangering your life and career or those of someone you love, call us. Our recovery specialists can connect you with the treatment you need to rebuild your life.

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