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Our panel of experts often appears in the major media to discuss addiction and mental and behavioral health issues. Here are some of our recent appearances as well as a selection of magazine and newspaper stories. If you are a journalist or media representative who would like to speak with Elements’ experts, please contact us.

David Sack, MD

CEO, Elements Behavioral Health

David Sack, MD, CEO of Elements Behavioral Health, is board certified in psychiatry, addiction psychiatry and addiction medicine. After earning his medical degree from Rush Medical College and completing his residency in psychiatry at the UCLA-Neuropsychiatric Institute, he worked as a senior clinical scientist at the National Institute of Mental Health and as senior vice president for clinical research for Comprehensive Neurosciences.

Dr. Sack is actively involved in programming at every one of Elements’ programs. He brings a level of clinical sophistication to each treatment program that is unparalleled in the treatment field. His background in both research and treatment enables Dr. Sack to enrich each program and ensure that every decision made takes into consideration the impact on clinical effectiveness.

Dr. Sack’s expertise in addiction and mental health has made him a sought-after expert by the media. He is often quoted in major newspapers (NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post); appears on television shows such as The Doctors, Dateline NBC, and Good Morning America; and writes regularly for The Huffington Post, Psychology Today and Psych Central.


Dr. David Sack on CNN

Dr. David Sack on The O’Reilly Factor after News of Cory Monteith Overdose

Dr. David Sack Talks About Drug and Alcohol Addiction with Actor Matthew Perry


Robert Weiss, LCSW, CSAT-S

Senior Vice President of Clinical Development

Robert Weiss LCSW, CSAT-S has served for the past 6 years as Senior Vice President of National Clinical Development for Elements Behavioral Health. In this capacity, he has established and overseen addiction and mental health treatment programs for more than a dozen high-end treatment facilities, including Promises Treatment Centers in Malibu and Los Angeles, The Ranch in rural Tennessee, and The Right Step in Texas. He was instrumental in integrating Dr. Brené Brown’s Daring Way™ curriculum into the Elements system. Previously, he developed sexual addiction treatment programming for the Sexual Recovery Institute in Los Angeles and The Life Healing Center in New Mexico. An internationally acknowledged clinician and author, he has served as a subject expert on the intersection of human intimacy and digital technology for multiple media outlets including The Oprah Winfrey Network, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Daily Beast, and CNN, among many others. He is the author of several highly regarded books, including Sex Addiction 101: A Basic Guide to Healing from Sex, Love, and Porn Addiction and Cruise Control: Understanding Sex Addiction in Gay Men. He has also co-authored, with Jennifer Schneider MD, both Closer Together, Further Apart: The Effect of Technology and the Internet on Parenting, Work, and Relationships and Always Turned On: Sex Addiction in the Digital Age. He is a regular contributor to several pop and clinical websites, including Psychology Today, Huffington Post, Psych Central, Counselor Magazine, and Addiction.com, among others. For more information please visit website at robertweissmsw.com or follow him on Twitter, @RobWeissMSW.


Robert Weiss says for addicts asking for help becomes the problem

Rob Weiss Talks to ABC 10News in San Diego

Robert Weiss talks about the function of emotions when it comes to addiction


Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP

Senior Science Advisor

Dr. Peekeis the author of the New York Times bestsellers “Fight Fat after Forty,” “Body for Life,” and “Fit to Live.” Her newest New York Times bestseller is “The Hunger Fix: The Three-Stage Detox and Recovery Plan for Overeating and Food Addiction.” She is also a regular contributor for The Huffington Post.

The combination of Dr. Peeke’s knowledge and her trademark energy, wit and humor makes her a sought after expert by the media. She has appeared on ABC News, The Katie Show, ABC Nightline, Larry King and the CBS Early Show, among others. Dr. Peeke is also co-host of RadioMD’s weekly HER Radio Show and is a TED conference speaker. She is also WebMD’s lifestyle expert and the chief medical correspondent for nutrition and fitness at Discovery Health TV.

Dr. Peeke is board certified in internal medicine, and is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians and the American College of Sports Medicine.She is a Pew Foundation Scholar in nutrition and metabolism who also served as a senior research fellow at the National Institutes of Health. She was also the first Senior Research Science Fellow at the National Institutes of Health Office of Alternative Medicine.


Dr. Peeke on ABC Nightline

Dr. Pamela Peeke Talks About Food Addiction

Dr. Peeke and Malibu Vista Featured on the TODAY Show

Dr. Pamela Peeke on Good Morning Britain


Jason Powers, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer at Right Step

Jason Powers, MD, holds a Masters of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Originally trained and board certified in family medicine, Dr. Powers re-dedicated his career to helping addicts and their families after he personally faced addiction. Dr. Powers is now also board certified in addiction medicine and works passionately as chief medical officer at Right Step and Promises Austin to help addicted individuals and their families embrace the healing path of recovery.

Dr. Powers has been recognized four times as a top addiction doctor by H Texas Magazine, and is currently president of the Texas chapter of the American Society of Addiction Medicine and a local expert for The Partnership at Drugfree.org. Dr. Powers is also the author of the comprehensive book about addiction When the Servant Becomes the Master. He is a regular contributor to Psychology Today and The Huffington Post.

Stefanie Carnes, PhD, LCSW, CSAT-S

Clinical Consultant

Dr. Carnes is a national clinical consultant for Elements Behavioral Health and the president of the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals, a training institute and professional organization for addiction professionals. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist and an AAMFT-approved supervisor. Her area of expertise includes working with patients and families struggling with multiple addictions such as sexual addiction, eating disorders and chemical dependency.

Dr. Carnes is also a certified sex addiction therapist and supervisor, specializing in therapy for couples and families struggling with sexual addiction. She presents regularly at conferences at both the state and national levels. She is also the author of numerous publications including her books, Mending a Shattered Heart: A Guide for Partners of Sex Addicts; Facing Heartbreak: Steps to Recovery for Partners of Sex Addicts; and Facing Addiction: Starting Recovery from Alcohol and Drugs.

Christine Courtois, PhD, ABPP

National Clinical Trauma Consultant

Christine Courtois, PhD, ABPP, is a leading authority in the treatment of trauma, having worked in this area for over 30 years. Dr. Courtois is a Board Certified Counseling Psychologist with a doctorate from the University of Maryland. In addition to maintaining a private practice in Washington, DC, and training clinicians on trauma-informed care, Dr. Courtois is directing the development of guidelines for the treatment of complex trauma for three professional organizations and has been appointed to the American Psychological Association’s Guideline Development Panel for post-traumatic stress disorder. She co-founded The CENTER: Posttraumatic Disorders Program in DC, a specialized inpatient and partial hospital program, where she was Clinical and Training Director for 16 years.

Dr. Courtois has received international recognition for her work, including numerous awards from professional organizations. She has published her work in a number of scientific journals and written or co-edited eight books on healing from incest, child sexual abuse, complex traumatic stress disorders and other types of trauma and on spirituality and trauma. Dr. Courtois is active in a number of professional organizations including the American Psychological Association, where she is past-president of Division 56, Psychological Trauma.

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