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Addiction Treatment


Addiction Treatment involves a comprehensive assessment through a physical and psychiatric exam, detox, then development of a therapeutic plan. The therapeutic plan will be based on a number of factors.

Are there any underlying psychological or psychiatric issues?

The types of issues most common in those with substance abuse and addiction are depression, anxiety, and trauma or PTSD.

Many people with depression, anxiety, and trauma use alcohol or drugs as a way to self-medicate and relieve their symptoms. It is critical in addiction treatment to address these underlying issues because if they are not properly identified and addressed they may be triggers for relapse. Sometimes a person with addiction may also be aware of one of these issues, but the treatment is not appropriate. Even if you are being treated for depression, if the treatment is not effective, you may still feel that alcohol or drugs make you “feel better.”

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Have you been in addiction treatment of some form in the past?

Relapse can be devastating. It is important to know if you have a history of treatment with relapse, because relapse-prevention strategies can be developed early on. The clinical team can also be sure to put into place an after-care plan for when the recovering person returns home. This plan might include individual therapy or the continuation of specialized treatment that began in rehab, such as neurofeedback.

Are there any physical health issues that could put your recovery at risk?

The most common physical health issue is chronic pain. The treatment team will often recommend auxiliary therapies for chronic pain, such as acupuncture, massage, or physical therapy. It’s also important for the client to understand the concept of pain management and how one can relieve pain sufficiently to live life without being medicated so much that life is lived in a haze.

The best addiction treatment centers offer a sophisticated, multidisciplinary approach that takes into consideration the individual emotional, psychiatric and physical differences of each person in treatment. The initial assessment by a medical doctor and a psychiatrist specializing in addiction medicine is absolutely crucial in developing the appropriate plan for a client. One size does not fit all.

Elements Behavioral Health offers addiction treatment in a number of settings, from the secluded Malibu addiction treatment program, Promises Treatment Centers, The Ranch, a Tennessee addiction treatment program on horse ranch in the rolling hills of a working horse and cattle ranch, The Recovery Place, a Florida drug rehab program and Christian drug rehab program, Right Step and Promises Austin in Texas.

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