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We delve under the surface into the complex issues that contribute to addictive and self-defeating patterns. Whether you’re struggling with emotional trauma, addiction, depression or anxiety, eating disorders or intimacy disorders, we have a highly effective treatment program that addresses everything that stands between you and lifelong recovery.

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12-Step Alternatives

We know not everyone relates to the 12 Steps. That’s why many of our treatment programs offer 12-step alternatives such as Refuge Recovery and SMART Recovery. We help you find spirituality, accountability and fellowship in recovery through whatever path best supports you.

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Alcohol and Drug Detox

We make sure alcohol and drug detox is safe and as comfortable as possible. Our medical team draws on the latest evidence-based medications to ease withdrawal symptoms. We monitor you around the clock, attending to all of your needs and ensuring utmost comfort.

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Alcohol Rehab

You'll receive comprehensive alcohol addiction treatment from alcohol detox through alcohol rehab and aftercare. We'll help you get to the underlying issues that have fueled alcohol abuse and learn healthy coping skills so you can thrive in recovery.

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Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Anxiety greatly interferes with your ability to live life to its fullest. It can also contribute to addiction, eating disorders and other ways of self-medicating. Our compassionate, highly experienced clinical team provides expert psychiatric care for anxiety disorders and co-occurring conditions.

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Depression and Mood Disorders

Depression and other mood disorders can be devastating and can propel people to cope with symptoms through alcohol, drugs, sex and food. Receive evidence-based treatment for depression while addressing all the ways mental illness is disrupting your life.

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Drug Rehab

Our compassionate, evidence-based drug rehabs help you take back your life and create the one you've always wanted. Delve into underlying issues that contribute to drug abuse, learn critical relapse prevention skills, and acquire healthy coping skills and self-care practices for long-term recovery.

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Drug Rehab for Professionals

For licensed professionals, executives and high-profile clients, we offer a number of treatment options well-suited for your needs. Get comprehensive evaluations and highly individualized treatment in a discreet environment.

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment

We treat addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders simultaneously so that you heal fully. With expert psychiatric care and a blend of traditional, alternative and experiential therapies, we attend to all of the behavioral health issues holding you hostage.

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Eating Disorder Treatment

Our eating disorder treatment program helps you change your relationship with food and weight and develop healthy coping skills. You'll get expert care for co-occurring mental health conditions and address underlying trauma and interpersonal and sociocultural issues that can fuel disordered eating.

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Gambling Addiction Treatment

Sometimes our clients with substance use and mental health disorders also have co-occurring compulsive gambling issues. We'll help you address the underlying conditions that drive these destructive behaviors and learn new, healthy coping skills.

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Outpatient Rehab Treatment

Our outpatient drug rehabs help ease the transition back into everyday life after inpatient treatment. They're also ideal if you don't require a higher level of care for addiction and mental health disorders. Get regular professional and peer support to strengthen your recovery.

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Personality Disorder Treatment

Personality disorders stand in the way of living your best life, and often occur alongside addictions, eating disorders and other mental health issues. Our clinicians are trained to treat personality disorders and the spectrum of co-occurring issues that may accompany them.

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Sexual Addiction Treatment

Sex addiction and intimacy disorders can wreak havoc on your life and relationships. We'll help you get to the underlying reasons behind destructive behaviors and learn how to experience genuine intimacy. Get compassionate, discreet treatment for sex addiction and co-occurring disorders.

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Trauma and PTSD Treatment

Trauma and PTSD often go hand in hand with addictions, eating disorders and mental health issues. Our clinicians are specially trained to treat trauma and co-occurring disorders. You'll address trauma in a safe, accepting space using evidence-based trauma therapies.

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We have drug rehab and mental health treatment centers across the U.S. Stay close to home or explore somewhere new. Some people find different surroundings give them distance from triggers and negative influences and help them focus more intently on their healing. Others prefer to remain nearby family and work or school commitments.

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