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Individuals and families struggling with addiction or mental illness need support, compassion and expert guidance. More than anything, you need treatment that is effective. Thanks to a growing body of research, we know the types of treatment that work. In our network of treatment programs, we incorporate both the well-established and emerging elements of effective treatment, giving you all of the tools you need to succeed.

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We treat all forms of addiction as well as mental health conditions that often fuel addictions and other self-defeating behaviors such as anxiety, depression and emotional trauma.

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We have treatment centers across the U.S., from quiet, luxurious retreats in restorative country settings to real-world facilities tailored to busy urbanites and their families.

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Our programs are carefully designed to meet our clients’ diverse needs. If you’re struggling with addiction or a mental health disorder, we have a solution for you.

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Elements Experts in the Media

Many of our staff are published authors and go-to experts quoted regularly in the national media. When you come to an Elements program, you benefit from the expertise of some of the most well-respected names in addiction treatment. Learn more about our experts.

Psychology Today, Good Morning America, THe Huffington Post, OWN Psychology Today, Good Morning America, THe Huffington Post, OWN
David Sack, Addiction Expert

Addiction Expert’s Reddit Q&A Schools Visitors About College Drugs

For many young people, college means finding themselves in a new environment, freed from parental oversight, making their own decisions, and struggling to keep up academically and fit in socially. It’s pretty much a recipe for alcohol and drug use.
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Employee Assistance Programsand Mental Health

7 Facts About Substance Abuse Every EAP Professional Should Know

Employee assistance programs (EAPs) have the potential to be powerful ammunition on the frontlines of addiction and mental health issues in the workforce. As more companies begin to rely on EAPs to help alleviate barriers to timely, affordable behavioral healthcare services, it’s important that EAP professionals are up to speed on some key facts about substance abuse.
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Abby Wambach, Sober

Soccer Legend Wambach Scores New Goal — Sobriety

On the soccer field, she may have seemed superhuman. But in her personal life, she was anything but, says Abby Wambach, the world’s leading scorer in international goals.

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College Campus Drug Scene

Need to Get Educated About the Campus Drug Scene? Addiction Expert Says ‘Ask Me Anything’

Substance Abuse at Work

5 Substance Abuse Facts Every HR Professional Should Know

September National Recovery Month

Addiction Recovery’s Most Unexpected Rewards

Mountain Sunset

Nurture Yourself With Nature

Drugs and Social Media

Twitter Asked #ReasonsWhyINeedDrugs — What’s Your Answer?

Brent Clark's Cards for Recovery

After Addiction and Broken Dreams, a Life Gone Good

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