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Individuals and families struggling with addiction or mental illness need support, compassion and expert guidance. More than anything, you need treatment that is effective. Thanks to a growing body of research, we know the types of treatment that work. In our network of treatment programs, we incorporate both the well-established and emerging elements of effective treatment, giving you all of the tools you need to succeed.

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We treat all forms of addiction as well as mental health conditions that often fuel addictions and other self-defeating behaviors such as anxiety, depression and emotional trauma.

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We have options to meet every need, from rehabs for professionals and treatment for young adults to faith-based recovery programs, specialized men-only and women-only programs, and 12-step alternatives.

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Our programs are carefully designed to meet our clients’ diverse needs. If you’re struggling with addiction or a mental health disorder, we have a solution for you.

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Elements Experts in the Media

Many of our staff are published authors and go-to experts quoted regularly in the national media. When you come to an Elements program, you benefit from the expertise of some of the most well-respected names in addiction treatment. Learn more about our experts.

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Mother Talking to Son About Drugs

Teach Your Children About Substance Use

“Teach your children well,” a Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young song famously advises. Children are impressionable, like tofu that absorbs the flavor of whatever it’s immersed in. But sadly, many children are immersed in unsavory environments.
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Alcohol & Cocaine Combined: Heart Damage Due to Cocaethylene

When consumed separately, both alcohol and cocaine can have damaging effects on your normal heart function. It turns out that the impact on your heart is even worse when you use these two substances together, or within an overlapping span of time. That’s because the combination of alcohol and cocaine in your body produces a substance called cocaethylene, which triggers increased cardiac risks.
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Sleepless woman in bed

What Are the Major Symptoms of Atypical Depression?

Atypical depression is the name for a specific form of major depression (major depressive disorder). Doctors and mental health experts call it “atypical” because it produces certain symptoms that differ from those normally associated with depression. Read More

Anxious Teen Stressed at School

Anxiety in High School

The Ranch TN

The Ranch Treatment Center Welcomes Esteemed Medical Director

MHN Rehab Insurance

Several Elements Behavioral Health Facilities Now Contracted With MHN Insurance

First Responders and Trauma

Helping First Responders Cope with Trauma

Food Addiction vs. Over Eating

Am I Dieting Failure or a Food Addict?

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Brightwater Landing and COPAC Become Part of The RanchSM Treatment Center

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