Recovery: Life After Rehab

Drug or alcohol abuse rehabilitation is an essential first step toward overcoming an addiction and living a healthy new life. Many people view drug or alcohol rehab as detox, although it is more accurate to view this in terms of four stages: treatment initiation, early abstinence, maintaining abstinence and advanced recovery. Issues such as commitment, emotional and psychological state of mind, physical condition, strength of support networks, living conditions and one’s employment situation dictate life after rehab to a large extent.

Our recovery resources will help you understand the different stages of rehab and challenges that can impede progress and long-term abstinence. From the first year of recovery — to long-term abstinence — you’ll gain knowledge about preventing relapse triggers, coping strategies to ward off cravings and how you can help a loved one in recovery. Articles on well-known people struggling with substance abuse are powerful reminders of the widespread prevalence and detrimental toll addiction imparts on individuals and society. If you are a parent of a teen struggling with substance abuse, we hope these articles provide hope and inspiration to seek solutions involving the entire family, so everyone can heal and be an integral part of the recovery process. Above all, the goal of these resources is to help you realize you are not alone on what may feel like a lonely, isolated path of recovery. A wide array of treatment and support options are available so that you don’t have to walk alone.

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