How to Help Your Addicted Teen

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Having a teen who is addicted to drugs is heartbreaking, but you can help her get well again. Helping a teen get sober can be a challenge, but it is the only thing you can do when you face losing her to addiction. Stats on teenage drug use tell us that too many teens are drinking, smoking and abusing drugs. They are getting addicted and are suffering the consequences. Get help for your teen now, before it is too late.

Is My Teen an Addict?

As a parent, you may be afraid that you are worrying too much or that you are jumping the gun on insisting that your teen go to rehab. Are you overreacting? Is your teen just exhibiting normal rebellious behaviors? Is your teen really an addict? If you are asking yourself these questions, your teen needs help. Any drug use in a teen is a major problem. She doesn’t need to be an addict to need help. You can stop her bad behaviors before they get out of control.

If your teen is addicted to a drug already, you have no time to lose. Drug use in high school is common enough that this is a real possibility, even though she is so young. If your teen is an addict, she is using drugs in spite of negative consequences, such as failing in school. She is using all the time and is out of control. If she tries to stop using, she experiences withdrawal.

Go to the Doctor

A good place to start if you believe your teen is addicted is your doctor. Take her in for an appointment to talk about drug use and addiction. Your doctor can give you a good idea about whether she has an addiction, but can also refer you to other specialists who can provide better assistance. If you don’t have a regular, trusted doctor, contact an addiction specialist or drug counselor and make an appointment. Teens are often more likely to listen to a professional than a parent and to take the advice of a therapist or doctor.

Look for Treatment

Now that you have resources from your doctor or an addiction specialist, start looking for treatment programs that are appropriate for your teen. Focus on finding a facility that specializes in working with teens. The best and most effective treatment is the kind that is tailored to the individual. Adult treatment is not the best choice for teens.

Give Support and Love No Matter What

Once you have your teen in treatment, all you can do is support her and love her. She has put you through a lot, but remember that peer pressure and substance abuse can lead any teen to do things she will regret later. Love and support her in spite of the harm she has caused, in spite of the hurtful things she says and no matter what kind of trouble she has been in because of her drug use. With your love and support, she can make positive changes and get well.

Adolescent drug use statistics are very clear: teens are abusing drugs and getting addicted. Your teen does not have to be another number in this list of statistics. You can help her avoid addiction or overcome it. Take her drug use very seriously and get help now.

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