Britain Seeing Rise in Number of Women Alcoholics

British FlagEven with the increasing amount of knowledge that is available as to the risks associated with alcohol abuse and the growing number of treatment centers, the number of women falling victim to alcohol abuse continues to increase.

According to a story in the Evening Standard, London’s only treatment center for female alcohol and drug addicts has tripled in size in order to handle the growing number of cases.

The growing numbers in London are alarming: the number of women seeking help for addiction has reached an all time high, and for the first time ever, is now on par with the number of men seeking treatment. It is expected that this problem will only continue because binge drinking among teen girls is also becoming more prevalent. New research has found that British teenage girls are out-drinking boys in their age group. According to findings from the European School Survey Project on Alcohol and other Drugs, in examining 15 and 16 year olds in 35 countries, 55 percent of girls admitted to binge drinking, compared with 52 percent of boys. Teen binge drinkers are more likely to become adult alcoholics.

Amanda Williams, director of Action on Addiction, told the Evening Standard: “You can’t fail to see the statistics – binge-drinking has increased among British women more than any other European country in the last decade. Professional women are more likely to drink regularly, and that lifestyle can lead to problem drinking.”

Williams highlighted that women do much better in recovery when they are placed with other women. In such an environment, these women are able to explore such issues as abuse, eating disorders, and the guilt associated with the fact that their children are not with them.

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