The Ranch Treatment Center Opens New House with Intensive Focus on Dialectical Behavior Therapy

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The Ranch opens Mill House, a 14-bed southern mansion for women with co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse that provides intensive education and training in dialectical behavior therapy.

Nunnelly, TN (PRWEB) August 27, 2013 – The Ranch treatment center opens Mill House, a brand new 14-bed facility for women with co-occurring mental illness and/or substance abuse. What sets Mill House apart from other treatment programs, both within and outside The Ranch, is its intensive focus on dialectical behavior therapy (DBT).

DBT was one of the first effective therapies created for borderline personality disorder and has been thoroughly researched and used successfully to treat anxiety disorders, depression, eating disorders and other conditions.

“DBT is a practical and effective way to deal with everyday problems,” said Lauren Herman, M.Ed., NCC, one of the primary therapists at Mill House who is intensively trained in DBT. “Core skills such as mindfulness help clients slow down their decision-making processes so they can figure out the most effective way to respond rather than engaging in harmful or self-defeating behaviors.”

Dialectical behavior therapy is integrated into all aspects of treatment at Mill House, from individual and group therapy sessions to experiential therapy. In keeping with the philosophy at The Ranch, clients not only learn each of the DBT skills, but they also have regular opportunities to practice them and apply them in their lives.

Mill House is one of seven houses at The Ranch, each specializing in treatment for men or women with specific mental health and/or substance abuse issues. Dialectical behavior therapy is also a core component of treatment at other houses; however, the focus is more intensive at Mill House. Clients at Mill House participate in:

  • DBT skills training groups four times per week, allowing clients to learn all of the DBT skills in a one-month period
  • Weekly mindfulness/meditation groups, providing clients with additional practice using and learning mindfulness skills in different contexts
  • A weekly DBT skills review to solidify the skills learned that week

Mill House has three master’s level primary therapists, all of whom are or will soon be intensively trained in DBT. The entire treatment team, from the therapists to the residential assistants, is knowledgeable about DBT so that clients receive support as they practice their new skills and reinforcement of the strategies they learn, not only in individual and group therapy sessions, but also in their in day-to-day lives.

“We’ve assembled a great team and are excited to offer this DBT-enriched program to our clients,” said Linda Hardy, MA, LPC, one of the primary therapists at Mill House who is intensively trained in DBT. “DBT is a highly effective, evidence-based therapy and offering it in this immersion format will allow clients to learn not just a few skills, but the full curriculum in a short time.”

In addition to DBT, clients at Mill House participate in a wide range of other traditional and alternative therapies, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, acupuncture, equine therapy, psychodrama and Brainspotting.

Housing up to 14 residents, Mill House is a fully renovated beautiful Southern mansion with a large dining area, an inviting living room, and a private deck overlooking the Piney River. Some of the issues commonly facing women at Mill House include personality disorders, mood disorders, self-harm, emotional regulation issues, post-traumatic stress disorder and substance abuse.

“Mill House is a great addition to our service spectrum, affording clients with more challenging behavioral health symptoms greater success in their recovery process,” said Cheryl Brown, director of marketing and outreach services at The Ranch. “These are the clients who often fail out of treatment and end up hospitalized for stabilization repeatedly. Teaching them skills to self-intervene provides each individual an opportunity for a positive outcome.”

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