Parent Company of Promises Treatment Centers Announces Corporate Name that Reflects Comprehensive Treatment Philosophy

Elements Behavioral Health aims to become the premiere behavioral healthcare company that will fill the current gaps in available treatment and offer a high-quality continuum of care to meet clients’ behavioral healthcare needs.

Los Angeles, CA April 27, 2009 — Elements Behavioral Health is the new name officially adopted by the behavioral health company founded in 2007 and led by President and CEO Dr. David Sack, a nationally renowned psychiatrist who is board-certified in Addiction Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine.

“We chose the name Elements because it reflects our belief that there is a fundamental, even elemental need, to fill the gap in between hospitalization and outpatient treatment,” Dr. Sack explained. “The elements of successful recovery from addiction and psychological disorders are often not met in the current treatment environment, where a level of service delivery has been lost for those people who may not need acute hospitalization, but who will not be successful if they only have the option of outpatient visits to a therapist or psychiatrist,” Dr. Sack added.

In February 2008, Elements acquired its first addiction treatment program, Promises Treatment Centers with campuses in Malibu and West Los Angeles. The company is focusing on expanding the treatment options at Promises, one of the most well known alcohol and drug rehabs in the country.

“What I found most interesting about Promises, and the thing that captured my imagination, was that they’d created settings both in West Los Angeles and in Malibu where people would want to stay. The environment is relaxed and homelike. One of the problems with trying to provide treatment that continues long enough for people to really get better is that they have to want to be there. At Promises, you have a setting that is inherently more inviting and that allows people to want to be there to continue their treatment,” says Dr. Sack.

Elements Behavioral Health continues to research and assess other high-quality programs throughout the country, with the goal of creating a first-class behavioral healthcare company that offers a full spectrum of clinical treatment options. Mike Wellons, Executive Vice President of Development, manages this aspect of the business.

“Mike Wellons has the most experience of any person I know in the field in looking at different programs, their strengths and weakness, their ability to change and to see a shared and brighter vision for the future. Mike’s focus is on finding programs that are ready to address the needs of this population and move beyond what’s currently available,” Dr. Sack explained.

In 2008, Elements also brought Keith Arnold aboard as Vice President of Operations. Keith served as Executive Director of Sierra Tucson and is internationally recognized as a leader in the addiction and behavioral health fields.

“Keith has over 14 years working in a sub acute psychiatric hospital. He has enormous experience working with the clinical population we are trying to help, and equally impressive experience working with professionals, assessing their needs, and responding to their clients’ needs. It is important to have someone who knows first hand how to provide a higher level of service than has traditionally been available,” Dr. Sack said.

Headquartered in Cerritos, California, Elements Behavioral Health aims to fill the gaps in mental health treatment between inpatient and outpatient psychiatric services; in co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders; and between traditional and alternative settings to help clients that are underweight or overweight due to eating related and other issues. The goal is for full recovery and well being with permanent life change and life style improvement and not just symptom reduction. Our focus is not only on the patient, but on the health and support of the family system.

Dr. Sack has been seen on CNN, American Health Journal, and Access Hollywood and has been quoted by the Los Angeles Times, the Boston Globe and other national publications.

For more information about Elements Behavioral Health visit For more information about Promises Treatment Centers visit or call (866) 390-2340.

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