State-of-the-Art Assessment, Stabilization and Detox Center Opens at The Ranch in Tennessee

Piney Lodge, the new cutting-edge assessment, stabilization and detox center at The Ranch, offers safe, comfortable stabilization and drug detoxification using an integrated, medically managed model.

Nunnelly, TN (PRWEB) March 6, 2012 – The Ranch rehabilitation center proudly announces the opening of Piney Lodge, a new state-of-the-art, 16-bed drug detox facility situated along the Piney River in Tennessee.

Stabilization and drug detox at Piney Lodge are overseen by The Ranch’s newly appointed medical director, Dr. Daniel Sumrok, a board certified addictionologist who has practiced for the past 21 years in Tennessee and has worked in addiction medicine in both outpatient and inpatient settings for the past seven years. Dr. Sumrok has been a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians since 1995, was one of 106 physicians in North America who received the first board certification by the American Board of Addiction Medicine, and is certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine.

“Having an in-house detox unit allows The Ranch to more intensively manage and monitor clients throughout the detoxification process,” said Dr. Sumrok. “In a safe, supervised setting, clients have a skilled team of physicians and nurses available to make detox as safe and comfortable as possible.”

In addition to managing treatment protocols and medical care, Dr. Sumrok visits clients in their homes at The Ranch to monitor their progress. In doing this work, he is most appreciative of the opportunity “to help people get their lives back.”

What sets Piney Lodge apart from other drug detox centers are the following features:

  • Exceptional medical care and supervision, including 24-hour nursing
  • New state-of-the-art facility
  • Full-time addictionologist, psychiatrist and psychiatric nurse practitioners on staff
  • CPR-trained staff
  • Licensed by the state of Tennessee as a Residential Mental Health, Medically Managed Detoxification, and Alcohol & Drug Treatment Program

Clients at Piney Lodge detox in a safe environment where the most current, research-based medications are used to alleviate withdrawal symptoms, ensuring a smooth transition into the next phase of treatment. During detox, clients receive:

  • A comprehensive psychiatric evaluation by a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner
  • A history and physical examination by a board-certified physician
  • A complete nursing assessment by licensed nurses
  • A nutritional assessment and support by a registered dietitian
  • A bio-psycho-social assessment including twice weekly individual therapy with a master’s level therapist
  • Twice weekly family education group with family visitation on Sundays
  • An introduction to 12-step recovery, “The Four Agreements” and other holistic approaches for healthy living
  • Educational, spirituality and coping skills groups
  • Mindfulness and yoga
  • Introductions to adventure therapy, equine-assisted psychotherapy, expressive art therapy and other alternative therapies

“The Ranch’s detox program provides personalized attention and support to each client as they begin their journey toward recovery,” said Dr. Sumrok. “In addition to safely and effectively managing withdrawal symptoms during drug detox, clients receive personalized assessments and treatment plans tailored to their changing needs throughout the recovery process.”

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