New Research Advances Are Expected to Deliver Personalized Treatment for Mental Illness

neuronsFor those suffering from mental illness, the relief that is promised in treatments does not always come to fruition. Part of the problem is that health care providers do not always understand the disorder afflicting a patient and therefore treatments may sometimes miss their mark.

According to scientists addressing the first Domenici Neuroscience Symposium, new advances in research are opening the door to more personalized treatment. Dr. Kent Hutchison, MRN Chief Science Officer noted that significant progress is being made in the identification of complex biomarkers for schizophrenia and addiction.

Dr. Kent also highlighted that this research is expected to accelerate and translate into clinical applications. The long-term benefit will be the development of more personalized medicine for people with mental illness. This personalized treatment will be able to deliver more effective treatment to promote a mainstream approach.

The symposium brought together different presentations that focused on how neuroimaging, genetics, and computer science are helping to speed discovery regarding brain disorders. Progress is also being made with the use of more sophisticated imaging equipment, less expensive genetic testing, and new ways to use existing imaging techniques.

By focusing in on key specifics in relation to mental illness, researchers and scientists can gain a better understanding of why some people experience this condition and others don’t. It will also help in the development of treatment options that are in tune with each person’s unique challenges.

With the advancement of accurate diagnosis and treatments, this industry can help to erase the stigma that millions of people face every day as a result of mental illness. Researchers are working together to help close the gap between basic biological knowledge and effective mental health care.

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