Ropes Course Therapy

Ropes course

Ropes course therapy is a form of adventure therapy, in which participants learn helpful coping skills in a safe, supervised environment. Ropes courses are beneficial for a number of mental health challenges, from anxiety to addiction.

The ropes courses at Elements Behavioral Health treatment centers do not require participants to be physically fit, and many of the available courses are set up on low platforms so that a therapist/coach can walk beside you and give you instruction.

Who Can Benefit From Ropes Course Therapy?

Ropes course therapy is best done with a group of people in order to learn cooperation and communication skills, but individuals can also greatly benefit from the personal challenges they may face on the course.

Anyone who would like to strengthen the following skills can benefit from ropes course therapy:

  • Problem-solving
  • Trust
  • Analytical thinking
  • Self-esteem
  • Coping
  • Communication
  • Positive outlook

What Happens During a Ropes Course Therapy Session?

Ropes courses are actually more mentally challenging than physically challenging. They can help anyone learn to tackle challenges with a positive attitude, to learn coping skills, to take strategic risks, to overcome fears, to develop focus and confidence, and to communicate with others.

The therapist will touch base with you before the course to do a mental warm-up and to ask about any particular problems you have been struggling with and would like to address in the day’s session. After you complete the course, there will be a debriefing session with the therapist to discuss how you felt on the course, the successes you experienced and any challenges that you would like to continue to work on. The therapist will also teach you how to apply skills learned on the ropes course to your everyday life.

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