Adolescent Rehab

Your son’s grades have started to plummet. He has lost interest in activities once enjoyed, and he’s angry most of the time. Even normal conversation at home has become strained or emotionally charged.

Your daughter is suddenly moody and secretive, and you’ve noticed a marked change in her appearance and dress. One by one, old friends have disappeared, to be replaced by questionable ones. Could your teen have a drug or alcohol problem? All of these are signs that your teen may need professional help.

At Elements Behavioral Health, we know how painful the worry and heartbreak can be when you’re dealing with a teen that is abusing alcohol or drugs. Our adolescent rehab in Texas is a safe refuge for your family.

Teens Have Different Needs

When it comes to treating addiction, teens are not mini-adults. What works for someone 21 and older may very well not work for adolescents. Their brains are still developing, they care about different things. Approaches to treatment have to take all this into account.

Our teen rehab in Texas offers medically monitored detox, intensive outpatient treatment, and gender-specific residential treatment for adolescents ages 13 to 17. Teens live in separate housing and receive separate programming and services for males and females. During treatment, teens learn how to overcome self-destructive habits, practice effective coping and communication skills, and develop the tools to live a healthy, productive life.

The Components of Effective Teen Addiction Treatment

Academics. Attending rehab won’t put your teen’s grades at risk. Our Texas teen drug rehab allows your child to stay on top of their studies with daily four-hour classes covering the core curriculum (math, science, language and arts) for grades nine through 12.

Dual Disorder Treatment. For teens struggling with substance abuse and a co-occurring mental health disorder such as depression or anxiety, our Texas treatment center for teens also provides highly effective dual diagnosis treatment.

Family Involvement. Our intensive family program includes weekly family therapy, educational groups and family support groups. We also encourage family members to visit their child every week. The importance of family involvement in adolescent rehab cannot be overestimated. With guidance from our experienced counselors, you and your child can help rebuild trust, communication and boundaries that are essential for a healthy relationship.

Collaborative Problem-Solving. We want your child to learn healthier ways to deal with peer pressure that could cause them to stray from core values and engage in drug and alcohol abuse. While in adolescent rehab, your teen will learn how to deal with conflict, practice collaborative problem-solving and develop healthier coping skills. We also work with your child to gain the skills necessary to successfully avoid peers that might seek to entice them back into using once they return home.

Learning by Doing. Treatment includes plenty of time for hands-on, experiential learning through yoga, fitness, art therapy, meditation and spirituality. Experiential group therapy, education about addiction, onsite 12-Step meetings and relapse prevention are other key aspects of our teen rehab program.

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