Brightwater Landing and COPAC Become Part of The RanchSM Treatment Center

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The three facilities, gathered under The Ranch umbrella, share a commitment to treating trauma and other psychological problems that cause and contribute to drug and alcohol addiction using a wide range of innovative experiential therapies.

Long Beach, CA (PRWEB) January 11, 2017 — The Ranch, part of the Elements Behavioral Health® national platform of addiction and mental health programs, welcomes two centers to its treatment family: COPAC, which will now be known as The Ranch Mississippi (at COPAC), and Brightwater Landing, to be renamed The Ranch Pennsylvania (at Brightwater Landing).

The three facilities share a treatment philosophy that emphasizes individualized care, experienced staff with specialized skills, and a wide range of approaches to treat trauma, drug, alcohol and behavioral addiction, eating disorders, anxiety and depression. The Ranch programs are nestled in peaceful, rural locations that allow clients to tap into the restorative power of nature.

“These are serene environments that provide a sense of security for clients, as well as a reprieve from everyday stressors,” explained Chris Karkenny, Chief Executive Officer of Elements Behavioral Health. “Bringing the three programs under one umbrella allows us to deepen our commitment to treating trauma-related disorders by sharing best practices and innovations among programs. It also allows us to meet the diverse needs of varying regions with respect to price and insurance plan offerings.”

The Ranch treatment centers offer multiple treatment programs at various levels of care, from onsite medical detox to residential and outpatient treatment. Clients benefit from a wide range of experiential therapies that promote hands-on learning and take advantage of the natural environment.

“At The Ranch treatment centers, healing isn’t just something that happens sitting around an office talking. Our approach emphasizes situations where clients engage in deeply moving and emotionally powerful experiences — ones that take the person into nature and help them gain insights in a new way,” said Cassandra Loch, LCSW, President of Program Operations for Elements Behavioral Health. “Clients who are emotionally blocked or have not benefitted from talk therapies begin to understand their past traumas and make their way to recovery.”

About The RanchSM Treatment Centers

With nearly 40 years of collective experience, The Ranch treatment centers provide evidence-based therapeutic programs that address the underlying causes of trauma, drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, sexual addiction and other self-defeating behaviors. We offer innovative therapies that delve into the deep issues that thwart recovery, allowing clients to heal mind, body and spirit while learning personal accountability. At each of its locations in Tennessee, Mississippi and Pennsylvania, The Ranch offers comprehensive care that allows each client to anchor new recovery behaviors needed for lasting change. For more information about The Ranch treatment centers, call (855) 893-5987 or visit

About Elements Behavioral Health

The Ranch is a member of Elements Behavioral Health, the owner of a nationwide platform of behavioral health programs with over 750 licensed beds throughout nine states. The Elements Behavioral Health® family of programs offers comprehensive, innovative treatment for substance abuse, depression and anxiety disorders, eating disorders, trauma, sexual addiction, and other mental health disorders. Through its programs, the company is committed to delivering evidence-based, clinically sophisticated treatment that promotes permanent lifestyle change, not only for the patient but for the entire family network. For more information, visit

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