OCD and Hoarding Expert Panel at EverydayHealth.com

EverydayHealth.com has created an OCD and Hoarding panel in its section on anxiety disorders. They have included a number of experts in the discussion, including Jeff Szymanski, PhD of the International OCD Foundation; Jonathan Abramowitz, PhD, a specialist in the treatment of OCD and Professor of Psychology at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill; Steven Brodsky, PsyD, from OCD Hotline; and Barbara Tako, author of Clutter Clearing Choices. These and other experts in the field discuss causes and the actions people take to reduce their obsessions.

The OCD and Hoarding section of EverydayHealth.com covers topics ranging from “How Is OCD Different from Typical Anxiety?” to “Do Neat Freaks Have OCD?”. They discuss common myths about OCD, how to recognize signs of animal hoarding, and facts about common obsessions, the age at which OCD usually begins, and thoughts about how hoarding is portrayed on TV.

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